About Us

Leonard Tam

Head Coach/Personal Trainer/Co-Owner

Leonard is the founder and owner of Level up Fitness and is known for his ability to motivate, ease frustrated clients, speak the truth, and never give up on anyone. This is the kind of personal attention he has always given to his clients and it has set him apart from other trainers in the fitness industry.

Growing up on a farm in Surrey, Leonard quickly learned the importance of leading a physically active life and began training in wrestling and martial arts at the age of 8. From there he went on to compete professionally as a mixed martial artist, earning championships in the LFC and NFC. At the height of his career he ranked among the top featherweight fighters in Canada, with a professional record of 7-3-1.

He also boasts a Diploma in Massage Therapy and received BCRPA certifications. He prides himself on safe effective strength training, conditioning, prehab and rehab.

I am Sensi Thivanka and  I am a Martial Arts instructor affiliated to Shinkyokushinkai Canada. As a Shinkyokushin karate instructor, I run a Level-up Martial Arts School in Surrey bc, I have worked as an instructor in Dojan Martial Arts Studio - Vancouver, Mind and Body Centre – Vancouver and  Sri Lanka Shinkyokushin main Dojo in Colombo.

I started training in Martial Arts when I was very young and I have about more than 25 years' experience in this field.  I hold a Black Belt –Second Dan and I have participated and won many events in different continents such as Canada, Sri Lanka, Malaysia & Singapore. In addition to this, I hold the First Aid Level -1 / Level -A CPR.

I know the history behind Martial Arts and I can pass this information along with the traditions and values associated with it to the students, so they will fully understand what they are learning.

I have the ability to plan each class, administer exams and to handle the administrative side of being an instructor. I have the ability to stay organized in order to cover everything from self-discipline to the actual techniques used in this sport.

I have the patience and interpersonal skills to work with and train children as well as adults to teach them self-defense techniques. I can teach students in a safe and controlled manner to prevent accidents and to reduce the risk of injuries. I can communicate in a clear manner in a way that anyone can understand and I have the ability to change my teaching methods to match the age and skills of my students.

My desire is to contribute to the society through what I have learned throughout the past and I believe it would be beneficial for everyone in terms of building up self-confidence, patience, coordination, endurance, and perseverance. 

Gwen Tam

Coach/Registered Massage Therapist/Co-Owner

Gwen loves studying the body and learning how it works and how to make it work better. Gwen graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy (WCCMT) in 2008. Upon completing the registration examinations from the College of Massage Therapists Gwen received special recognition for her high performance on the exams. She has worked at clinics in North Delta and the Fleetwood neighbourhood of Surrey.

The husband and wife team of Leonard and Gwen fulfilled a life long dream when they opened Level Up Fitness in 2013. They love bringing health and fitness to their clients.

Gwen continues to bring passion and expertise to Level Up Fitness and massage therapy.

Vishal Bali

Personal Trainer/Strength Coach/Rehab Specialist

Surrey native Vishal has been through a lot. Vishal grew up an active kid playing ice hockey, volleyball, badminton all at a competitive and recreational levels. His experience with athletics pushed him into studying physiotherapy at Douglas College. That path go derailed after a series of car accidents. The accidents triggered musculoskeletal pain that brought on depression, anxiety, and rapid weight gain. By putting his knowledge of the body into practice with himself Vishal was able to train his way back into health.
Now with over 5 years experience as a personal trainer Vishal is driven and motivated to help and educate you to achieve your goals whether it be losing weight, learning the fundamentals of weight lifting, or rehabilitation from an injury.
Beyond his certificate of Personal Training from Canadian Fitness Education Services Vishal is working to improve on his knowledge and skills to help the body as an enrolled student at West Coast College of Massage Therapy (WCCMT).
Vishal wants to get you back on track and stronger than ever.


Chris Beaulieu

Chris is strong. Winner of several powerlifting competitions Chris has a passion for strength. He guides his clients to increase their Olympic lifts and accessory exercises.




Strength and Conditioning Class

Level Up Strength and Conditioning Class is designed as a solution to your fitness needs. We provide a broad base of athletic movements to increase strength, flexibility, balance, speed, and overall conditioning. Our coaches provide detailed instruction on proper form and technique with a strong emphasis on safety and longevity of exercise. The small group environment builds support and community among the class participants. 60 minute classes.

$80/ month

Lil' Ninja Kids' Class

Childhood is the prime time for learning. We want kids to learn how to move, how to enjoy moving, and basic self defense. Jumping, running, crawling, lifting, punching, kicking, and other athletic movements are covered in this class. Great as a stand alone class or to provide cross training for sports oriented children.Open to kids aged 4 to 12. This class is on hold due to COVID-19.

$50 - 90

Personal Training

At Level Up Fitness and Martial Arts Studio we provide attentive personalized training that is tailored to your goals, abilities, and needs. In consultation with you we will decide which aspects you would like to combine into your sessions. The challenging workouts will leave you with a feeling of accomplishment. The first session will always include a physical assessment of your current abilities. Recording the results will give us a baseline from which you will “level up.”

Years of education, working, and training in the fitness industry have giving us a large pool resources to combine in the best way for effective workouts. With you we will decide which aspects you would like to combine into your sessions.

Personal training is great for people with unique goals, individual circumstances, difficult schedules, or needing extra education on training, nutrition, or motivation. Our personal trainers work with clients of all ages and abilities. One hour to 90 minute sessions available.


Participants are required to pass a wellness checklist prior to entering the facility.

Participants must wash or sanitize their hands upon entering the facility.

Maintain 2m distance between individuals at all times.

Arrive in gym gear. No changing area will be available.

Class attendance must be confirmed by client by text or phone call. Only the booked participants will be given access to training.

Please bring a towel.

Before class wait in your vehicle for a staff member to direct you inside

Limit use of the bathroom.

Bring a full water bottle. Water refills will be limited.

Any symptoms of sickness stay home.

All staff will maintain 6 feet physical distancing.

Staff will have 24 hour wellness checks and cannot enter the facility should they show any signs of illness.

No spotting will be administered. Coaches are to guide participants by verbal commands only.

Participants and/or family members exhibiting and symptoms of illness are not permitted in the facility.

Participants or family members that have travelled outside of BC within the past 14 days are not permitted in the facility.

Facility are cleaned nightly. This includes but is not limited to:
- Bathroom
- Entrances Areas
- Equipment
- Office
Additional sanitization stations are placed around the facility.

Equipment is arranged to allow for 2m physical distancing.

Instructors will sanitize shared equipment in between each use.

Participants are welcome to wear masks during class and are welcome to wear indoor shoes or no slip socks.

Common high touch areas will be cleaned regularly throughout the day by staff.

Please refrain from from eating in the facility.

Class will be 60 minutes in length.

More classes will be added after careful analysis.

There will be a maximum of 6 participants per class.

Stick to these rules so no one gets sick and stay safe while being fit again.

Thank you very much for your continued support.

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